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Run by the two brothers Dr. Anthony Buglass and Dietrich Buglass, both with strong scientific backgrounds and 25 years experience in writing attractive English texts, High Tech Translations boasts an enviable client base of major references in German business and a long list of specialities.

The name of the company reflects the pioneering use of computer word processing from the very first days of this technology, and the consequent early introduction of email and DSL.

Tony Buglass
After gaining an honours geology degree from Cardiff University in 1973 and being awarded a Ph.D. from the University of Newcastle (1973-1976) Tony worked for 12 years as an international petroleum geologist for Texaco and LASMO. A career break in 1991 to spend time in languages was so enjoyable it became a permanent change of profession.

Today, Tony and his brother Rick successfully run High Tech translations.

Rick Buglass
Rick Buglass has a BSc in HSS (History and Social Studies of Science) with a physics minor. Sussex University was followed by a number of years in industry before arriving in Hannover ca. 1980, first teaching English as a foreign language and then focussing on translations.

HighTech Translations Buglass GBR

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